Infotrex Services Pvt Ltd is committed to developing and delivering high-quality solutions that meet and exceed your organizationís expectations throughout every project phase. We have distinguished ourselves in the data security industry with our ability to design, develop, and implement custom projects into a production environment in a cost-effective, reliable, and standards-compliant manner.

In order to ensure success in the creation of each project, Infotrex Services Pvt Ltd follows a proven implementation process that provides deliverables and procedures specifically created for your business. All projects are supported and created by the experience team with decades of experience developing custom solutions for global organizations of all sizes.

Project Planning

Working with your companyís requirements, expected growth, and existing infrastructure, Infotrex Services Pvt Ltd will develop a comprehensive specification plan and timeline to guide all parties through the development, testing, implementation, and post-implementation review processes. No matter the stage of the project, Infotrex Services Pvt Ltd is there every step of the way to ensure that the custom development is achieved in the allotted amount of time and continues to function properly within your infrastructure after implementation.

Training and Installation Support

Both onsite training and installation of your custom solution are very important in the development process of the custom project. Once the solution has been carefully and securely implemented into your existing infrastructure, our onsite services provide personalized training by the Infotrex Services Pvt Ltd.

Quality Assurance

Infotrex Services Pvt Ltd utilizes an established development methodology to show programming personnel in the design, testing, and implementation of systems. Our Solutions Architect team members, including Certified TR-39 (TG-3) Auditors (CTGA), are present throughout the Quality Assurance process and have extensive experience with project management, consulting, audit preparation, technical support, training, and more.