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Hire Core PHP Developers

We have a dedicated team of Core PHP Developers with good amount of experience in making thoroughly custom software. If you are habituated to prompt replies and pitch perfection, we are the ones you are looking for.

We can serve you with the following:

Customized Web Development

Often there comes a need where the existing systems just are not enough for us and its then that we go for customized software. We at Infotrex provide purely hand coded Web Apps and Web Sites in Core PHP.

Plus with our strong code base, you would be getting a robust web application that would be created in the least amount of time possible and would be most accurate in its working.

Modifying an existing code

We at Infotrex provide a team which specifically deals in editing an existing code. This particular thing could be a very tough job to do as we, at first would not know the code of a specific programmer; we have to get accustomed to it and then find the solution to a problem.

This process is well structured at Infotrex and has provided value to various clients who get stuck just because the previous programmers stopped responding.

Generating a Custom Framework

While building a website from the scratch, we prefer working on our own framework rather than doing heavy PHP code that is not well-structured and not well-written. This benefits our client in two ways one, whenever they give certain task, we provide the solution upfront as we know how our framework works.

And when the client himself wants to extend the whole system, it becomes easy for him as there is already a framework running that is simple to understand and more than that its been prepared by keeping in mind, specific requirements of the client himself.

Removing Malwares from Websites

There is a very common problem for websites that generally do not have the SSL; it’s the malware attack. A malware attack may be some malicious code that’s coming from a different source other than our website. It may be harmless or harmful; nevertheless its not our code, why to keep it? There is a straight forward way to prevent it; the SSL. But it involves a lot of cost and if we just want to prevent the malware attack, it’s a bit more expensive.

Now there are certain techniques that prevent the malware attack to affect our pages; we obviously apply those techniques to various websites and webapps that we make.

But what about the websites that already have malwares in them?
Simple, we remove them for you! And we make sure that you don’t get affected by malware ever again.

Converting a Static Website to a Dynamic one

A static website is the one made in pure HTML and CSS, it may involve a bit of javaScript along with the former two technologies. Now these days, almost all websites across the web are dynamic. These websites help both the programmers and the users to modify them very easily by providing a very good interaction.

If yours is not a dynamic one, we can convert your static website into a dynamic one. We provide a well structured admin panel which is very easy to operate. We do have a skill set that we can change the theme of your website in future if you want thus providing you with dynamism all over your website in each and every aspect.