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Hire SEO Experts

SEO is by far the most importing thing that an emerging business needs. Its like creating an identity for your business via your website on the web.

Infotrex Services Pvt. Ltd. has a team of SEO experts who constantly update themselves about this particular field of technology, the Search Engine Optimization.

Here are the SEO services that we provide:

On Page and Off Page SEO

On Page SEO refers to the things that happen on your page for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization, any updates that you do to the page for the cause of optimizing it for the Search Engines is considered to be on page SEO.

Off page SEO is something that doesn’t work on your web pages. Not necessarily on your Domain too. It happens on other websites which fall under the category of Press Release Websites, Article or Blog Sites and Social Networking Sites.

Both these techniques are equally important and we at Infotrex, Optimize your websites using both these general techniques.

Press Release Submission

This is a part of the Off Page SEO techniques online press release submission gives you the power to reach the masses without much of an expense. By far the only expense is the one of using a press release distribution service. It could be applied to any domain of work which is the best part about it. We can use our company news as a part of the press release submission process. Good press releases do spread to a very good number of audience.

Our team delivers good solid press releases as we always start this process after thoroughly understanding the client and the business that we are working with.


A great way indeed to promote your business but there are pros and cons. Well cons come your way only if you ignore a basic principle that has to be considered while writing a blog: updating the posts regularly.

Our team does it for you. With the vast experience that our Leader Mr. Anukr Patel has, we are enabled to blog on any business, you name it!

If you are searching for Quality blogs, This is the team that you are looking for.

Article Submission

Article Submission is one of the oldest link building strategy. Due to this fact many people still doubt the potential that it has and hence don’t favor this technique. But top articles do fetch you top links and as the links that we use in the articles are one way links we don’t need to generate the back links.

The only thing that we have to take care of is what websites do you submit your articles to. Our team has a group of experts that focus on the top websites for article submission and it obviously has a drastic effect on the way your ranking goes!

Email Marketing

We have a dedicated email marketing software that is been created by experts and is a brainchild of the Email Marketing Guru Mr. Ankur Patel. Here is a link to that Application:


With this software the whole email marketing process is now abstract and the Team of SEO Experts could solely concentrate on the strategic development of email marketing which ultimately leads to great productivity.

Social Media Marketing

There is a group of pessimistic people who believe that Social Media Marketing is a “huge time suck”. Its actually the opposite; social media marketing is one of the best techniques to create a brand.

One can create a brand out of his business if one posts sensibly and remember, most of the mass is on social networking websites.

All the above marketing strategies could readily be applied to the Social media Marketing Strategy and all of them could work in tandem.

Our team takes care of all the above techniques and guarantees the ranking of your website doesn’t go down.